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Are You Awesome Enough?
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[01] Must be at least 16
[02] Must post application within 3 days of joining.
[03] You need at least 3 more "yes" votes than "no" votes to be accepted. If you're rejected, rework your app, take new pics, and repost. We don't care.
[04] Post application with the subject line: "Am I awesome enough?" to show you read the rules.
[05] You must fully complete the application.
[06] don't delete your application under any circumstances! I don't care how big of assholes people are being. If you delete your app, you have no proof that people were being douches, and you just look like a pussy that can't handle cirticism.
[07] You may comment on other posts only AFTER you have been accepted.
[08] After you have been accepted, submit a 150x150 picture to be placed in the members page.
[09] Don't start drama.
[10] Don't be a complete tool. Yea, it's a rating community, but there's being honest & then there's just trying to act like a douche bag.
[11] If you get into a fight with a member, you will be BANNED automatically. I don't care how big of a douchebag they were being. If you get in a fight with the mod, you won't be banned, you just won't get in. Chances are, we're not trying to be mean to you, just being honest.
[12] If you have a problem with someone or something in the community [including myself or Marie], bring it to either me xx_diabolique or Marie dirt_i_breathe. We're your mods. That's what we're here for. If you have a problem with us, tell us. We're trying to be a friendly, fun community.
[13] PROMOTE! I want to see a promo banner in your info OR in an entry in your personal journal.
[14] Stay effing active! Really, whats the point of joining if you're not going to do anything?
[15] You may ONLY promote sister communities here. If you want to become a sister community, contact one of the mods.
[16] please remember to subject your entries with what it is and how many points it is worth. For example: "Stamped//Color Theme//5"

Also Note: It's a good idea to have a digital camera or webcam or something before you apply, because most of the theme's and such require pictures.


You need at least 50 points each month to stay a member of this community.

At the end of the month, you can trade in all your points.

02 points - Per picture you post
05 Points - participating in a weekly color theme
05 points - for each banner made
10 points - promoting (and showing a link)
15 points - doing a scavenger hunt
15 points - Participating in a contest
20 points - participating in the theme
20 points - participating in a "Cuestest..." theme
30 points - Winning a contest
50 points - for applying.

Here is the exchange rate:
100 points = auto accept
200 points = auto reject
400 points or more = safe for the next month.

This months theme is: New Year's Resolutions!! Post pictures of things you want to accomplish in the year 2007. [And don't forget to keep us all posted on how well you're doing!]

Mix Tape Theme: make us a mixtape with at least 5 songs in it having to do with new beginnings and starting over.

This weeks color:

Take pictures of you with something that is this color and show us.

If you have a suggestion for a theme, comment with it here.

This months contest: Make us a new header for the community. Since we're officially re-opening, I think it would be appropriate to have a new look, as well. Submit a header [no bigger than 800x250] and at the end of the month we'll vote!

Every week, we will have a new "Cutest..." or "Favorite..." theme.
This weeks is "Favorite/Cutest outfit" Pick your favorite or cutest full outfit [down to the shoes!] and post a picture!!

[01] a DVD.
[02] a shoe.
[03] a plate.
[04] a can of hairspray.
[05] a pair of sunglasses.
[06] a stuffed animal (or your actual pet, if you have no stuffed animals... I figure everyone has one or the other).
[07] a t-shirt.
[08] a pen.
[09] a book.
[10] a chair.
[11] a flower.



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